A Moment With Ruby

A Moment With Ruby

Los Angeles, CA • 2020

We recently had a chance to catch up with our super talented friend Ruby York who happens to be an Actress, Vegan, Poet, Musician, Model, and Skateboarder. Let's see what she's been up to!


Biggie or Tupac?

Tupac ALL DAY! I'm born and raised on the west coast, so Pac is my guy. A poet, and a true leader gone too soon but a legacy that will live forever.  

How are you holding up?

I am holding up fairly well now. The first month was really hard, but I have adjusted a bit, and changed my mindset. I am using this time to skate as much as possible. 

Who stokes you out?

Skating with my friends. Seeing us all learn new tricks, get clips. The smiles on our faces when we are skating a new spot together. 


What would your perfect day look like?

A perfect day for me would be having my special homemade cold brew in the morning. Followed by checking my emails for acting projects that are in development. Next, making my daily smoothie (using LIV hemp hearts!) Hitting the local skatepark or a new skate spot with my friends. Then after a long day of skating, coming home to have time to myself to recollect my energy and be creative. Sometimes that means playing guitar and writing music, or pulling out my type writer and writing some poetry. I could also describe my perfect day as waking up in nature after a night of camping, then finding a skatepark in the area on the way home! 

Top 5 cheap vegan eats in LA?

Number one is Lotus Vegan in NOHO. @lotusvegan - Shout out to the owner Elle! That's my girl. Next would be Veggie House. @veggie.house.ca - H.O.P.E. @hopeorganickitchen - Tocaya Organica @tocayaorganica and lastly Cena Vegan. It's a pop up in highland park @cenavegan.  


Your favorite Coffee spot in LA?

Probably Alfred's Coffee. They have a diverse group of people working there which I love, and the coffee is great. 


What's on your music playlist currently?

I love music, so this is hard to narrow down but here are a few artists I have been listening to lately! Mac Miller's album "Circles" - My friend Jonathan Wilson's latest album "Dixie Blur" - The artist UMI, but specifically her song "Butterfly" - Daniel Caesar, Sir, and Yellow Days. 

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on some music. One collaboration with a friend where he mashed up some tracks and I am throwing some vocals over it. I also am putting together a project where I will be typing up personal poems and sending them to friends via mail for $5 - $10 dollars ish. Other than music, just trying to learn how to skate curbs right now! 


Who's in your skate crew?

I love my skate crew! My OG skate crew is my brother Zane @zaneyorkfly - my girl Die (pronounced like Gia with a D) @thissssssssssss - & my G Adrianne @asloboh123 and the homie Keegan @keegangui - but we got a few new homies in the mix these days, you know who you are! 

One last question before we go, Tapatio or Valentina?

NEITHER! If there is spice on it - get it far away from me. Am I the only one who doesn't like hot sauce? 

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